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Do you want a brand that looks and sounds so good that it gives you goosebumps? Whether you are a monster big or small, we can help. At Monster Pile, we specialize in bringing brands to life. We offer a range of services that are sure to showcase your brand’s personality, values, and mission.

Graphic Design


Us Monsters really get a thrill when our clients give us the chance to sink our claws in and create unique, effective names for their new businesses. Our squad is sure to deliver you a name that is compelling, relevant, and something you’re customers will drool over.

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from every other Monster in the jungle. We use research and insight to illuminate the way and uncover what unique breed of monster your brand is. Our experienced and passionate designers will help you launch a new brand, expand on your existing brand, or freshen up your look with a new visual identity.


Your brand’s voice plays a monstrous role in making sure your message smashes through the clutter to make a lasting impression on potential customers. We’ll help establish a voice that speaks directly to your audience.



If you're serious about your product, you must invest in good packaging. Custom packaging is a quick way to boost your brand's value and sales. Monster Pile takes a deep dive into your business, your competitors, and the market to develop a strategy that ensures your packaging will connect to your core consumers. If you want your product to pop off the shelf in retail sales or aim for that satisfying unboxing experience, then a custom packing system by Monster Pile is for you.


Design matters, but packaging functionality is just as important. Your packaging needs to convey important information, protect what is inside, and be cost-effective. Monster Pile will focus on the nitty-gritty details like dimensions, materials, and accurate dieline files for the factory.



Custom illustrations are a fun and creative chance to express your brand’s charm. Illustrative assets including infographics, icons, and animations will develop a deeper visual identity with powerful impact.



We're all visual creatures! We know the importance of stunning graphics that capture our attention and spark our imagination. We work closely with you to develop graphics that stitch together visual experiences that will attract eyeballs and generate a monstrous response.

Combining stylish aesthetics with readability, our monsters will sharpen their claws to carve out some custom typography or lettering for your brand. We use color, shape, texture, and dimension to transform your brand’s voice into its visual form.

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