Image by Sherin Jacob

Welcome to the Monster Pile, let’s get acquainted.


Right now, you’re probably pretty curious as to what kind of monsters we are (and how we manage to type with our monster paws).  We are a creative duo that teamed up to create Monster Pile Studio. As of 2018, we are proud to call Austin, Texas home. We have worked with clients ranging from small businesses to nonprofits and large enterprise companies. We are inspired by out-of-the-box exploration and the beauty of wild imagination. We specialize in branding, packaging, graphics & illustration, advertising campaigns, and other things in the creative realm.


Megan eddy

Megan has been working for ten years in the creative industry, specializing in packaging, graphics, and illustration. Her direct efforts in developing promotional programs and campaigns have led to many successful projects, both in traditional and online mediums. She is a born optimist and smile enthusiast; building and maintaining strong relationships is something she truly believes in.

Mike 2.png

mike eddy

Mike is a talented graphic artist and illustrator with a passion for hand-drawn typography. After several years of shaping outdoor spaces in Landscape Architecture, he began to focus on graphic design full-time to fulfill his creative voice. Mike combines his technical and artistic skills in branding and illustration and is able to fluidly adapt to different graphic styles.

In our personal lives, we are both huge outdoor enthusiasts. We believe strongly in the power of natural spaces, and how important it is for people to get outside in order to live happy healthy lives. At Monster Pile, we love working with clients whose goals and interests align with our own.

At Monster Pile, we turn the unknown into those of legends and lore. We will gnash our monster teeth and work until we howl at the moon to deliver something for our clients to drool over.


So warm up your vocal cords and get ready to let your brand ROAR!